Alimansi Kagere

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May 8, 2017
Stanley Musoke
July 12, 2017

My name is Alimansi Kagere. My primary business is produce but I also own a retail shop in Bulanga.

I joined Pride in 2001. I obtained my first loan of shs 150,000 under the Group Guaranteed Scheme in MEC 014. These funds helped me to boost my retail and produce businesses. I have progressively taken 8 incremental loans of various amounts, as a GGLS member. Am
currently servicing a loan of Ushs 6 million. Looking back, it has been a long and fruitful journey with Pride supporting me all the way.

These loans have helped me to improve my businesses and personal life. I have been able to cater for my primary needs as well as care for my family. I have been able to construct and fully furnish my residence in Iganga. I have also been able to pay school fees and take care
of the educational needs of my family successfully. Thanks to Pride, my first born son will be completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration soon from Makerere University Business School Nakawa.

I thank Pride for their financial services that help individuals and families with little means to better their lives. My financial success has been possible because of their Group lending products.