Kijjambu Abdallah

Phionah Nakitto
April 3, 2019
Buchana Joseph
April 3, 2019

My name is Kijjambu Abdallah, a resident of Namasinda, Nakibano Parish in Nakifuma. I am 57 years old and predominantly practice farming for a living.

13 years ago, I joined Pride after a recommendation by one of my customers; who was banking with Pride. I used to sell my bananas to this Pride Customer, for her restaurant. In one of our conversations, I intimated to her that I was having hardships paying my children’s school fees, as my business wasn’t generating the revenue I wanted. She referred me to Pride Microfinance, Mukono Branch. So I visited Pride’s premises in Mukono, and got enrolled into one of the groups.

I started by saving Ugx 2,200 weekly. When my savings accumulated to Ugx 100,000, I was given a loan of Ugx 300,000. I invested this money in my business. After paying back fully, I progressively took more loans and currently qualify for Ugx 20 million.