Madina Namakula

Buchana Joseph
April 3, 2019
Kulabako David
April 3, 2019

My Name is Namakula Madina. I was born 40 years ago in Isingiro District. I conduct my business in the Central Market, Mbarara and deal in fruits and fresh vegetables.

I heard about Pride Microfinance in 2003 through a friend who had an account with them. She advised me to do the same, and consequently, I opened the account and started saving.

I started by saving Ugx 8,000 per week within the group, and after six weeks, I obtained a loan of Ugx 150,000 which I invested in the business. After paying it up fully, I obtained another loan of Ugx 300,000, and slowly advanced to bigger loans.

I used the money to grow my business and also invested in real estate. I left the group, since I had sufficient collateral and started accessing individual loans.

With these loans, I have been able to acquire pieces of land and build rentals. I have also added more working capital to my businesses.

With the income from the businesses, I was able to educate my two children, who are graduates now. I am grateful to Pride for supporting me. From the point when I could qualify for only Ugx 150,000, to this moment when I have diversified into multiple businesses, acquired properties and even educated my children.

I would choose Pride, over other banks, because of their good customer care and fast loan processing time. In many cases, my loans get approved within just two days.