Mary Mutangi

Sulait Kanene
July 12, 2017
Beatrice Nagami
July 12, 2017

My name is Mary Mutangi. I was born on 28th December, 1968 in Mawosa Village Budadiri Sub County, Sironko District. I am a single Mother of 4 boys aged 30, 25, 23 and 20.

I Joined Pride Microfinance back in 1997. I have accessed 24 loans via the Group Guaranteed Loan scheme. My first loan amounted to shs 150,000 . I used this money to invest in my Produce business. The second loan of shs 300,000 was invested in livestock. I bought a cow, which I later sold for shs 450,000 and bought a piece of land in Nansu Village, with the proceeds.

With such business acumen, I took another loan of shs 500,000 and purchased more livestock. I later sold the cows and purchased another piece of land for shs 800,000 in the same village. For the subsequent loans, I focused on constructing my first house. I did this on my first piece of land. I went ahead to access another loan of 1.1 million, then 1.5 Million. Am currently servicing my 25th, loan cycle of shs 25 million. I also completed my residential abode.
In 2004, I moved from Group lending to the Individual lending scheme and have accessed many loans under this scheme, including the current one.

My business continues to register remarkable growth. I have purchased three plots of land, constructed two residential houses and bought a motor vehicle,
a Toyota Noah. All these achievements have been possible with the support of Pride Microfinance. I have also been able to educate all my children (four
boys). They have all successfully completed school. One is a Mechanic, another is an engineer and the two are into personal businesses. My dream is to
start a milling business, in order to add value to my produce business.