Nyehangane Chrispus

Beatrice Nagami
July 12, 2017
Pride Branch Network
July 25, 2017

Am called Nyehangane Chrispus. I have banked with Pride Microfinance Iganga Branch, since 2012. I deal in wholesale and retail businesses.

My savings account started with shs 50,000. The account has grown to over sh 40 million. I enjoy saving with Pride Microfinance for all the related benefits. I feel that my money is safe with Pride.

The monthly charges are affordable. I can access my money anytime via the ATM at the branch, helping me avoid the queues at the bank. I can also access my money using the Pride Mobile Phone banking platform, without leaving my business premises. I can pull and push money to my bank account using my phone anywhere, anytime. I get regular sms alerts for any transactions on
my bank account, keeping me up-to date about my financial standing.

I urge all fellow business people with a vision to save with Pride.