Pride CSR

"Pride Microfinance Limited's Company Secretary, Mrs. Claire Ekochu and the Head of Finance, Ms. Irene Mwoyogwona hand over a dummy cheque to Kira Road Police station's DPC, Sp. Kasigire Micheal. This financial contribution is to aid in repairing the station's lighting system."

As a responsible corporate citizen that puts the well being of its customers and communities at the centre of its operations, Pride supported a number of CSR causes in 2016. Key activities supported included the following;

  • Pride supported the education of under privileged students. This scheme supported 17 students from the Eastern, Northern and Western regions of the country.

Pride Nateete branch donated branded dustbins to Mackay Primary school to ease gabbage collection at the school premises

Pride Nakawa branch donated 80 branded reflector jackets to boda boda riders around Nakawa stage
  • Cleaning of Arua market and painting of the toilets. The activity improved hygiene conditions in Arua market and left a mark on the toilets that were painted by Pride.
  • Donated a 3,000 litre water tank to Lovely Tots Kindergarten Busega, Nateete. This helped improve the school's access to clean and safe water.
  • Donation of mama kits to expectant mothers at Kasese Municipal council clinic. The donation of 45 mama kits was made to expectant mothers at the clinic.
  • Donation of items to Ntinda school of the deaf. The donation went towards buying items like rice, posho, disposable plates and snacks for the pupils at the school.
  • Donation of cement to Nkozi hospital. Pride donated 30 bags of cement to Nkozi referral hospital in Masaka. This contribution was made towards the hospital's plans to establish an accident and emergency unit.
  • Donation of items to Nyakasanga mosque in Kasese. Paint and painting materials were donated to Nyakasanga mosque in Kasese in support of its beautification.
  • Supporting of 20 orphans at Kakunyu community project in Mende sub-county.