Alimansi Kagere

From Our Customers

We continuously engage with our customers to know their views, progress or challenges they face in their day to day businesses. This enables us to create appropriate solutions to support them. Below are testimonies from 6 of our clients from different branches and regions.

Alimansi Kagere My name is Alimansi Kagere. My primary business is produce but I also own a retail shop in Bulanga.
I joined Pride in 2001. I obtained my first loan of shs 150,000 under the Group Guaranteed Scheme in MEC 014.
These funds helped me to boost my retail and produce businesses…Read More
Stanley Musoke

I am called Stanley Musoke. I am a married man, and father of three boys, one of whom graduated as a medical doctor, the other as an engineer and the
last born is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Education.
I joined Pride in 2002 under the group Guaranteed scheme, where I obtained my first loan of 150,000 ugx to boost my businesses. Through subsequent loans, I have been able to accumulate assets…Read More

Nyehangane ChrispusAm called Nyehangane Chrispus. I have banked with Pride Microfinance Iganga Branch, since 2012. I deal in wholesale and retail businesses.

My savings account started with shs 50,000. The account has grown to over sh 40 million. I enjoy saving with Pride Microfinance for all the related benefits. I feel that my money is safe with Pride…Read More

Beatrice NagamiMy name is Beatrice Nagami. I hail from Bumasifa Village, Budadiri, Sironko District. I am married with 5 Children; 3 of whom are girls and 2 Boys.

I Joined Pride Microfinance in 2005 under the group lending scheme, where I accessed a loan of 150,000 after saving for six months. I invested this money and the next loan of 300,000 ugx in my produce business…Read More

Mary MutangiMy name is Mary Mutangi. I was born on 28th December, 1968 in Mawosa Village Budadiri Sub County, Sironko District. I am a single Mother of 4 boys aged 30, 25, 23 and 20.
I Joined Pride Microfinance back in 1997. I have accessed 24 loans via the Group Guaranteed Loan scheme. My first loan amounted to shs 150,000 . I used this money to invest in my Produce business…Read More
Sulait KaneneMy name is Sulait Kanene and I am a rice farmer from Buwenge. I joined Pride Microfinance under the Buwenge Branch back in 2015. I was granted access to a loan of Ushs.10,000,000.

Before I joined Pride, I owned only 5 acres of land which I used for rice farming. I used this loan to double my agriculture land to 10 acres…Read More

Erinah NabisubiMy name is Erina Nabisubi. I am a single mother. I own two plots of land and a house in Nansana- Kabumbi, where I reside with my two children. I owe my financial success to pride Microfinance. I started banking with Pride in 2003.

I used to sell cooked food in make-shift structures, for a dismal Ushs 700 per plate…Read More

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